A Little Bit of British Architecture

I have some what neglected my blog for the last couple of months, but now I’m trying to get it back on track and get things back up and running.

As my full time job is an Architectural Assistant I  have a passion for Architecture, this is also what inspires my photography as I look for shape, form, structure and detail.  For this Blog post I thought I would share a few of my favourite photo’s I took recently in London and Manchester.

© Loren Cooper 2011Building Reflections © Loren Cooper 2011

This photograph was taken at the newly developed More London Place, London, UK.  The louvred front creates a fantastic almost kaleidoscopic reflection in the glazed curtain walling. I also like the warm sunlit colours coming through adding to the abstract form of the image.

© Loren Cooper 2011

Architectural Point © Loren Cooper 2011

The above image is also taken from More London Place, London, UK.  This photo was inspired by the different forms and textures of the buildings. It was taken looking straight up, so as to get a different perspective and view of the more traditional street scenes.

© Loren Cooper 2011

Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge © Loren Cooper 2011

This is quite a standard and usual tourist image but it’s a fantastic example of gothic architecture and I love the sky with the clouds being lit up by the sun from behind.

© Loren Cooper 2011

Ugly or Beautiful? © Loren Cooper 2011

This photograph was taken in Manchester, UK.  It is of the North Tower Premier Travel Inn Hotel and residential block built in 1965.  The 80m tall tower in my opinion is very overbearing and is seen by some as ugly. However when I took this close up of a section of the tower, I have somewhat warmed to it, I really like the capsular and uniform detail.

What do you think?

© Loren Cooper 2011

Something Old, Something New and Something 1970’s Chic! © Loren Cooper 2011

I love looking at how various forms of architecture integrate within their surroundings and whether old and new buildings really fit together.  This image above is also taken in Manchester and shows a progression of architecture through some of the ages.  In the foreground stands Manchester Cathedral with some areas dating from medieval times. In the background the famous Arndale Centre Tower built in the 1970’s and then sandwiched beteween the two is the new big wheel craze that seems to have hit every major city across the UK.  The Manchester wheel sits in Exchange Square and was moved from it’s former site in Paris in 2007.


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