Sunday Snow 2012

Today we had the pleasure of waking up to a blanket of snow, covering most of London this morning.  So we grabbed our walking boots and as many layers of clothing we could physically put on and headed out for a long walk (3 hours, to be precise) on Hampstead Heath.  It was a fantastic day and the snow was a perfect powder texture, here are a few favourite photos, enjoy.

© Loren Cooper

© Loren Cooper

© Loren Cooper

© Loren Cooper

© Loren Cooper

© Loren Cooper

© Loren Cooper

© Loren Cooper

© Loren Cooper

Credit: Matt and Tim and their amazing snowman.


99 thoughts on “Sunday Snow 2012

  1. Nice pictures, Loren. There’s nothing like a fresh ‘powdery’ snow to liven the spirits. Were those ‘dogs’ in the photo? They sure have a ‘wolf’ appearance….my Siberian Husky use to, too. my best……tom… The Poet’s Crafts/The Olding Poet

  2. Wow, freshly pressed. What an honour and thank you to all your lovely comments.
    I’ve got to confess the dogs are unfortunately not mine but I couldn’t resist the look on their faces to take the shot. Also the snowman head is not my handy-work, there is one very talented ice sculpture out there somewhere, unfortunately I don’t know who it is to give them credit. But if I find out I’ll update the blog.

    Thanks everyone, Loren

    • Hi Loren, me and my friend Tim are responsible for the Easter Island statue (and a couple more up near Kenwood House). It’s been great fun to see so many photos of it on the internet, glad so many people have enjoyed it. It’s just a shame we don’t get many days’ snow here.


      • Thanks for letting me know Matt. I’ve added your names at the bottom of the photo. I’ll keep a look out for your snowmen again if we get anymore snow, think that might be our only day this year.

  3. Such great and beautiful photos (especially liking the last one and the wolves)! This was my first time experiencing snow (yep!), so when it started coming down heavily on Saturday night I wanted first dibs to roll around in it – and I did! Fresh and crunchy powder 🙂

  4. I love to walk in the snow as well. I get it from my father. He has been deceased now for 14 years, but when I see snow, I have get out and walk.

  5. I love the picture ot the two dogs…I wonder what they do when they’re alone? Let’s put cameras on them…mike it too…they probably nuzzle in code…I wouldn’t be the least bit surpised…we usually get snow in Boston but not this year…but we can imagine it really well so it’s ok to not actually have it sometimes…thanks for sharing your photos…might you have any grey poupon….I like all my trashcan finds better with it…it’s the little things….

  6. Love the nose snow …face (it looks like Legends of the Hidden Temple that show that used to come on Nickelodeon). Also, geeze lousie how many people are sledding – that’s amazing!

  7. These are some really neat photos! When it comes to taking photos with snow, what camera settings do you like to shoot in? I imagine the glare from the snow could compromise some of your photos and wash them out. Do you think landscapes such as mountains and fields work better, or do forests or other landscapes with lots of trees and structures? Thanks for sharing your photos!


  8. Beautiful Snow! It’s good to see that somewhere in the world, the snow is falling! (from almost snowless in southeastern wisconsin)

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